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World Children’s Festival a Washington DC

9 Marzo 2012


For three sunny days in June, the National Mall in Washington D.C. was filled with color and melody as the children of the world gathered to celebrate children’s creativity. The World Children’s Festival, rocked The Capitol with inspiring performances of music, dance, and art. Melody Street was there to join the celebrations.

Meeting all of these talented children was a true pleasure, and learning about the ways music and art make a real difference in their lives was inspiring. These extraordinary children have become ambassadors of peace for their countries, and we have no doubt that they will continue to do great things with these experiences from the Festival. From African drum-line to Chinese orchestra, music’s capability to unite was a loud and clear message that echoed through the smiles and laughter of kids and adults of all different backgrounds. Quite simply, creativity, music, and the arts are powerful tools that can help us create a brighter world for our children to inherit.

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